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What if there was an accurate test for Lyme disease?

Tammy Crawford, Founder and CEO Focus on Lyme

Support Patients with Lyme Disease


Help is on the way! Focus On Lyme has partnered with Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen), a leader in identifying and isolating dangerous pathogens.  Paul Keim, Ph.D. and David Engelthaler, Ph.D. have designed a revolutionary test to pinpoint multiple strains of Lyme disease, detect major co-infections and detect non-Lyme causes of disease like influenza or Staph.  This test will provide accurate and actionable information to the physician and patient.

It’s critical that Lyme disease be caught early. If caught and treated early, the infection most often clears quickly. This can occur over a period of days, affecting the central nervous system (brain), the peripheral nervous system (nerves), the cardiovascular system (causing pericarditis and/or 2nd or 3rd degree heart block and possible death if not treated immediately), the liver (causing mild hepatitis), the eyes (causing conjunctivitis) and the muscles and joints (causing migrating swelling, tenderness, and/or pain).  Untreated, the infection can easily spread over a period of days. The typical constellation of symptoms associated with disseminated Lyme disease may include severe fatigue with a need for naps during the day, low grade fevers, muscle and joint pains, sleep disturbance, irritability, headaches, light or sound sensitivity, sharp stabbing or shooting pains, and/or numbness and tingling. (Sources: American College of Rheumatology, Columbia University Medical Center

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