Focus On Lyme Biorepository

One of the biggest barriers to research in any disease is having access to quality samples for research. Focus On Lyme biorepository was created to fill a need to supply quality samples to further research for Lyme and tick borne diseases. The samples are tested, qualified and available to enhance the future understanding of diagnostics, treatment, and the biology of these organisms. 


We provide serum and whole blood samples that will be strictly controlled, well qualified Lyme, and eventually co-infections. The blood is collected, shipped to Kryosphere biobank, and frozen within 24-36 hours. 

Why Kryosphere?

Kyrosphere is a leading full-service biomaterial management organization, consistently delivering high quality biorepository services, cold chain-of-custody logistics, and clinical trial sample management. This means our samples are tracked and only frozen once so you can be confident you have a high-quality sample.

Due to handling all materials in-house, we are able to track all times and temperatures of our samples, from the moment it is drawn to the moment it is frozen at -80*C at Kyrosphere. Trained and certified staff handles all material transfers.

You can have confidence that our method of collection, shipping and storage was done to the highest standards to ensure sample quality.

Krysophere operates under the following licenses, regulations, and best practices:

  • GxP Compliant
  • FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant
  • FDA Human Cell & Tissue Establishment – Registration
  • IATA (International Air Transport Association) Compliant
  • U.S. DOT (United States Department of Transportation) – Registration
  • ISBER (International Society for Biological & Environmental Repositories) Best Practices
  • HIPAA Compliant

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